Our Transit didn’t come with a built-in navigation system, so I searched around for how others upgrade to get a nav system. Adding an after-market replacement in the radio location was going to be quite expensive, so we opted for a tablet on a flexible stand. I found an Arkon flexible mount that holds anything […]

Ford Transit: Insulation and fan installation

Insulating a van not only helps with controlling the temperature, but also helps with sound while driving or sleeping. Our van conversion maintains the original passenger van inside walls and ceiling, so all our insulation goes in behind those. If you have a cargo van, or are replacing all the passenger walls/ceiling, this page probably […]

The Eastern Sierras provide unique geological and environmental features. On this trip we will see towering columnar bassalts, boiling water hot-springs draining into a local stream, an earthquake fissure, and the carbonate tufas of Mono Lake. Hiking will be on Saturday and Sunday, with camping Friday and Saturday nights.

n Modeling Instruction lessons, most units start with a ‘paradigm lab’ that initiates development of a conceptual model for the unit (‘concepts before math’). When introducing forces, the model presented here develops the relationship between ‘pushes’ and changes in motion. This post explains the procedures and pedagogical rationale for this activity.


I’m in the process of moving my blog from https://trampleasure.net/lee to https://lee.trampleasure.net. Eventually I’ll have all my old posts moved over here, but from October 2021 forward, I’ll be adding all my new blog posts here.

When you conduct a search of the web, you probably hope to get ‘good’ results. Many of the major search engines keep track of the links you click on, and then tailor your future searches toward those sites you like. Now, we have a major search engine who claims to not track you, nor tailor the results based on your history. I compared results from Google and from Duck Duck Go and present the results below.