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I’m in the process of moving my blog from to Eventually I’ll have all my old posts moved over here, but from October 2021 forward, I’ll be adding all my new blog posts here.

As a science teacher, I write a lot of documents that have numbers with units (e.g. 3.6 m/s). When readers see a number at the end of a line without units immediately following them, it is harder for them to keep the numbers and units. The 50 second video below shows the difference between regular spaces (what […]

This question focuses on the traditional grading system were all scores count the same, and a students’ final grade is based on the average of all the scores. The alternative presented is to look at trends in a student’s scores…looking for growth and allowing for early mistakes/low scores to not have as great an impact.

The Eastern Sierras provide unique geological and environmental features. On this trip we will see towering columnar bassalts, boiling water hot-springs draining into a local stream, an earthquake fissure, and the carbonate tufas of Mono Lake. Hiking will be on Saturday and Sunday, with camping Friday and Saturday nights.

Yolo Bypass flooding-January 2023

I’ve collecting photos of the Yolo Bypass during the January 2023 flooding. Photo location is at the east end of the bypass, on the north side along the bike path. I’ll be adding more photos as I take them over the next few weeks. Looking westbound from West Sacramento Click on the forward/back buttons on […]