Creating an enjoyable commute

Most days I ride my bicycle to work. Getting there in the morning is a two-mile ride that takes me about ten minutes. But on the way home, I have more time so I add about five miles to my ride and ‘detour’ through Robinson Preserve. This gives me almost four miles meandering through a salt marsh on dirt trails, paved trails, and a few bridges/boardwalks.

  • photo of a cyclist on a boardwalk over a lagoon
  • photo of bicycle on kickstand in front of bay
  • photo showing a gravel trail with shrubs on both sides.
  • Photo showing a paved path through trees.
  • photo showing bike with lagoon behind some shrubs
  • photo from a bridge showing three people net fishing in a lagoon.
  • Photo taken from an overpass showing a lagoon under it
  • Photo showing a multi-purpose trail between a large road and a bay
  • photo showing a tree-lined street
  • photo showing flowers in panniers on a bike

Due to the many of the trails being multi-use with posted speed limits of 10 MPH, my average speed slows considerably (yes, I purchased an ebike for my hot, humid Florida commute, and I can easily average 15-20 MPH on most rides). But the enjoyment and mindfulness from this slower pace is irreplaceable.

Take a look at your commute. Can you find an alternative that will be more relaxing and enjoyable? If so, maybe you can’t do it every day, but try to fit it in once or twice a week.

I added a similar ‘detour’ to my commute home when I commuted from the South Bay to San Francisco. The last portion of my route home was on trails through John McClaren Park. The photo below seems to be a bit stretched out of proportions, but if you slide it around I think you’ll get an image of what the trail was like.