Hiking trip COVID-19 FAQs

As a group focused on science and science education, we adhere to the strictest interpretation of CDC guidelines, and at times even adhere to a higher standard.


During all indoors events, we require all members to wear an appropriate mask. Masks are not required when we are hiking, but some members may want to put theirs on when we gather for group discussions.


person getting vaccinated
Photo by CDC on Pexels.com

Attendees must be fully vaccinated.

It is our priority that members be as protected as possible, both for themselves and for others. We request that all members be vaccinated unless they have a medical reason they cannot receive a vaccination.

The bottom line is that if you chose to not take a vaccination because you do not ‘believe’ in them, or are worried about potential side effects, this group is not for you.

We have members whose immune systems are compromised, and thus COVID-19 may be a death sentence for them.

Upon arrival at an event, members will be asked to show proof of vaccination. Upon showing that proof, we will provide the member with a button that will identify to other members of the group that they have been vaccinated. It will be subtle enough that other members of the general public won’t know it means you are vaccinated—if anyone asks, you can just say it identifies you as part of the geology hiking group.