Geology trips in the western USA

Since 2009, I have been leading multi-day hiking trips around the western United States. In 2020/2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to build web pages for those trips. I have three goals for these pages:

  1. Provide trip attendees with details to prepare them with the logistical details.
  2. Provide a bit of science background for those who will attend, as well as those who won’t be able to make it.
  3. Provide questions and answer space.

List of pages with general information about trips

  • Death Valley
  • Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area (Hwy 50 in the middle of Nevada, about 200 miles East of Reno)
  • Salt Point State Park (California coast about 60 miles north of San Francisco)
  • Mammoth Lakes region: Hot springs and Devil’s Postpile
  • Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Monument
  • Lava Beds National Monument
  • Nevada/Utah/Nevada

List of pages with details of specific trips

Many of the Meetup pages contain comments and/or photos from the trips.

Masthead image with photos of rock outcroppings around the western USA. Embedded text: "Geology & natural science hiking and camping in the Western USA"