Emergency preparedness FAQs

We are an informal group that depends on each other for mutual safety and security. Katie and Lee do not carry any insurance for those in our trips, and individuals joining the trips should be understand this.

With this in mind, we make every effort to ensure that our trips are well planned, and that we can assist group members if/when they have emergencies.

Our goals in emergencies will always be first and foremost to stabilize any injuries and to contact emergency responders.

Emergency precautions during hikes

Sketch of an emergency pack and a few items to put in it.

Most of our trips are not into extreme wilderness, but are often somewhat off the beaten path. In light of that, we prepare the group for short term emergencies.

With that in mind, we are prepared with:

  • A satellite phone
    • For trips that have significant time with little or no cell service (e.g. Death Valley) we rent a satellite phone to ensure that we have phone access in medical emergencies.
  • Basic first aid. While we have no medical training, we do bring a first aid kit that includes:
    • Band aids for cuts, cold packs to decrease swelling, larger bandage pads and gauze for covering larger injuries, basic blister care supplies.
  • Food and water
    • While everyone brings their own food and water, we will have some extra for unforeseen circumstances .

Individual preparedness/responsibility

Individuals are requested to bring any medical supplies that are specific to their individual needs in addition to any they may normally carry. If you have medical conditions that you believe are important for us to know about, we will keep this information confidential.