Video image credits: 2 Teachers Reflect On Lessons Learned Amid The Pandemic

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Images added by Lee Trampleasure, January 4th, 2020

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  6. Cluttered computers on desk on wikimedia
  7. Wifi logo by mohamed hassan on Pxspher (circle/slash added by Lee)
  8. Grades image by mohamed Hassan, Pixabay
  9. Lifeguard: Image by Tania Dimas, Pixabay
  10. Kitchen Photo by Antonio Gusmao, USAID, Pixnio
  11. Collage by Lee Trampleasure. Images as follows:
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  13. Rubric image on wikimedia
  14. Framwork image on wikimedia
  15. Gears: Image by Gerd Altmann, Pixabay
  16. Achievement on The Blue Diamond Gallery
  17. High school sign with rigor on wikimedia
  18. Dialogue circle on wikimedia
  19. Resilience Image by Wokandapix on Pixabay
  20. Building Relationships on Pixy